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BSRM is the leading company in the Steel industry of Bangladesh. We manufacture and market best quality steel products keeping Customer Satisfaction as the integral part of value chain. We have set customer satisfaction as one of our main mottos to progress! We are delighted to be reckon with as a company that cares for its customers keeping customer satisfaction mantra in its all internal and external processes. With the combination of superior product quality and excellent customer service, we look forward to maintain a long term relationship with our customers. We are committed to keep our continuous endeavor to make our customers satisfied from all perspectives.

We seek to identify and address to our customer requirements and consequently strive to meet the expectations in order to deliver greater customer experience. We appreciate your suggestion and concerns which will help us to extend effort to ameliorate service and enhance Customer Satisfaction!

To contact with us, we have arranged active platforms for you through which you can contact us to make queries or complaints or feedback regarding BSRM’s products and services. You can contact with us on the following media below:-

Email: (any one can write) Login: Android Apps named ‘BSRM Customer’ (For BSRM Customer)
SMS: +8801777744099 (any one can send SMS) Login to our BSRM Customer portal
You may email Inquiries and comments by filling in the form below: