Epoxy Coated Rebar For
Corrosion Free Structures

BSRM CenturaCorrosion induced failures causes severe distress to concrete structures is most common in any chemically aggressive environments. Repair and rehabilitation of the affected structures not only cost the exchequer with direct and indirect costs but also cause lot of inconvenience to the public. Hence, it is essential to plan proper corrosion protection strategy to combat corrosion for the durability of structures particularly in marine, coastal or industrially polluted areas.


BSRM Centura Chemical CompositionFusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coating is able to provide protection against corrosion for the design life of the structures. It is to be noted that there is no comparable technology for over 45 years in actual service conditions in the most demanding environments in the world.

Today more than one million structures across the world stand in testimony to the long term performance of FBE Coated Rebar. Around I5% of total rebar’s used in USA are FBE Coated Rebar. And it is used in other ports of the world including Asia.

Technology introduced in India in 1990 there are several thousand structures across India, particularly in the coastal areas. This proves the efficacy of the FBE Coating to prevent corrosion in concrete structures. Application include highway and railway bridges, water storage & treatment and waste water treatments facilities, refineries, fertilizer plants, jetties and marine works, power plants, nuclear facilities, tunnels, reservoirs, multi story buildings, et al.