BSRM MaximaSteel is a ubiquitous and versatile construction material. It is the backbone of a nation’s infrastructure and used in the tens of millions of tons to build cities, bridges, and factories. It is either used as a structural material or as a composite in reinforced concrete (RC).

RC is usually the preferred construction method, in Bangladesh, due to its low cost and relatively cheap labor cost, in the country. Most public infrastructure in the country such as bridges and flyovers and transportation hubs, ports, airports, railway stations are built on RC. So are commercial and residential buildings. Concrete reinforcing steel bars, or rebar in short, are used in tens of millions of tons for RC construction.

The use of Grade 80 rebar instead of Grade 60 reduces steel consumption up to 25% in RC structures.

Steel is also, the most costly construction material; any reduction in steel consumption has immense appeal for private developers and builders. For planners and economists the appeal is even higher as Life Cycle Costs of Infrastructure can be substantially reduced.

BSRM Maxima is exactly the material for construction of projects which needs extra strength combined with an extra dose of safety. It has Yield strength exceeding 80, 000 psi [550MPa] combined with Tensile strength exceeding 105, 000 psi [725MPa]. It has fantastic elongation exceeding 16%, in all sizes.

BSRM Maxima is the perfect material which requires Strength and Safety in the same breath. Nuclear power stations and large river crossing Bridges are perfect examples where BSRM Maxima can be used.

BSRM Maxima has undergone successful production in BSRM Steels Ltd. and extensive testing in Bangladesh University Engineering Technology (BUET) Dept. of Civil Engineering.

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