Protecting the Environment

qualityIndustrial development is indispensable for creating employment opportunities, and by extension, poverty reduction, in a country. Bangladesh is a densely populated country with negligible natural resources and till recently with little industrial activity. Industrial investment is being actively encouraged by Govt. policy and through private sector investment.

However, industrial activity has a dark side, as well. This is environmental degradation, mostly caused by air and water population. All industrial production processes produces liquid effluent and gaseous emissions as a bye product of converting raw materials in to finished products.

BSRM is a steel producer and steel melting and casting operations produces gaseous fumes which has a huge quantity of suspended solid particles which are extremely harmful to human life. Thus BSRM has employed a technologically advanced Air Pollution Control (APC) unit in its billet melting and casting plants. The APC captures the harmful emissions by powerful suction devices from which it is conveyed to a bag house filter. The filter retains all the solid suspended particles and only clean, dust free air is discharged in to the atmosphere.

The next stage of steel production is rolling and heat treatment to produce finished construction steel. This process requires vast quantities of pure water, which is pumped from underground aquifers, deep below the earth. Clean, potable water is scarce and much needed for drinking and agriculture. Conserving and recycling the used process water, in its manufacturing process, was BSRM’s core aspiration value. To achieve it had to invest in a technologically complex and costly European Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in its rolling mills.

The WTP’s installed in BSRM’s rolling mills ensure that 100% of the process water is recycled indefinitely. Only the make-up water to compensate for the natural evaporation losses in the process is pumped up from underground aquifer.