“Quality is our way of Life”, was a favorite exhortation of BSRM Group founding Chairman Late Akberali Africawala. Thus the Quality mindset was deeply ingrained in mindset of the company at a very early stage.

BSRM produces steel for the construction industry, which has important product liability implications. BSRM’s steel products are inside Buildings, Bridges all of which are made to internationally accepted construction codes. The codes in turn specify engineering materials conforming to various global standards. The material standards are legal standards which are enforced by a governmental authority in all countries. Therefore all constructional materials produced in a country are licensed by the Government. The License clearly defines the material properties and standards to which it must be produced to be legally sold in the country.

The BSRM Group produces construction steel conforming to ISO 6935-2:2015 and ISO 630-3:2007 which are the lawful standard in the country. There are 2 aspects of quality known as Quality Control and Quality Assurance which must be clearly understood in order to understand the various quality measures in place in the BSRM Group.

Quality Control:

A set of activities designed to evaluate a developed product. Quality control-through proper production and quality inspections and testing prevents unsatisfactory products from being delivered to customers. Quality control is primarily the responsibility of the production staff, and is built into the manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance establishes written specifications and standards. This preventative measure is the responsibility of corporate management, which must put in place the necessary programs for producing a quality product each and every time. Quality Assurance begins with procurement of primary raw materials for steel making and continues to set standards for intermediate products. It further sets standards and benchmarks for the final finished products. The finished products are tested against the prevailing legal standards valid in the country and become the basis of a binding contract between a seller and buyer.

Important distinctions between Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are listed below:

  • QA is process oriented and QC is product oriented.
  • Testing for quality is not assuring quality, it is controlling it.
  • Quality Assurance makes sure we are doing the right things, the right way.
  • Quality Control makes sure the results of what has been tested are what is expected.
  • Quality Assurance is the step taken before a product is manufactured.
  • Quality Control are the steps taken after a product is manufactured

The 9 attributes of Quality:

describes the features of a product which lends credence towards its claim as a better or best product.

Performance Primary product feature Yield strength
Features Secondary features Ultimate strength, T/Y ratio, Ductility
Conformance Industry standards ISO, ASTM
Reliability Consistency over time Narrow tensile properties variation
Durability Useful / shelf life Rusting on rebar
Service Resolution of problems Timely delivery
Response Human interface Courtesy of the dealer
Aesthetics Exterior finish Rib formation, surface finish
Reputation Past performance Ranking Number 1 in innovation